Celebrate 100 years of the British racing engine with this set of only 55 authentic First Day Covers

This authentic set of First Day Covers has just been released to celebrate 100 years of the British racing engine. The first, bearing the official Pendine postmark and entitled ‘The Flying Celt’, depicts Parry Thomas in the giant 26.9 litre V12 Liberty aero engine LSR car, BABS on Pendine Sands, South Wales when the land speed record was raised to 171.02 mph in February, 1926. A further cover shows Donald Campbell in his turbine powered Bluebird CN7 recapturing the LSR on the dry salt bed of Lake Eyre, Australia, in 1964, when he recorded identical speeds of 403.10 mph in both directions to take the record. This cover bears the official Beaulieu postmark where the car now rests, whilst the third, and probably most evocative of the First Day Covers, also with the Pendine postmark, shows Malcolm Campbell in his 350 hp Sunbeam Bluebird raising the land speed record above 150 mph on Pendine Sands in July, 1925.

Included with each of the First Day Covers are separate specification sheets with additional illustrations and information relating to each occasion. These have been designed to fit neatly into the First Day Covers which bear the official posting date of 29.09.98.

Each First Day Cover has been numbered from 1 to 55 and individually signed by the artist. The specification sheets are included in the price of £15.00 each or £40.00 for the set of 3.

Limited numbers available.